I personally inspect every vehicle that I appraise. Appraisal results are completed as a Word document and emailed to you within 48 hours. Printed copies of your report, with pictures, are also mailed to you.

If you want more detail on the services I provide, this document explains very specifically what is different and better about my appraisals.

What makes my appraisal different (PDF)

Here is a sample appraisal to give you an idea of the detail and information that goes into my reports:

Sample appraisal (PDF)

My auto appraisals are thorough.

Appraisal Services

I offer a number of different appraisal services depending on your situation and needs. My typical fee for each of these services is listed below.

Standard Appraisal: $150
This includes a personal inspection of the vehicle, four copies of a formal written appraisal (two with and two without photos) divided into four areas: engine compartment, exterior, interior, and chassis.

Pre-purchase Appraisal: $250
In addition to the standard inspection, this appraisal includes inspection of the running capabilities of the vehicle. This includes a test ride (I do not drive vehicles due to insurance restrictions) to determine the runnability of the vehicle, operation of the steering, handling and suspension, and inspection of accessories including lights, instruments, audio systems, and other power accessories.

Pre-Accident Appraisal: $150
Here, I determine the value of a vehicle as it would have appeared before an accident has happened. If the vehicle has been modified or has aftermarket items, it is helpful and beneficial to you to supply invoices for these sometimes expensive items.

Expert Witness: $150
I have experience testifying in court and can give expert testimony.

Please note: Mileage expenses are applied for all vehicles located more than 20 miles from my location. A discount may apply if you have multiple vehicles to be appraised.

I appraise classic cars like this 1965 Mustang.

Why appraise

There are a number of reasons to have your vehicle value professionally appraised:

  1. Insurance requirement for stated value
  2. Settling an estate
  3. Pre-purchase inspection for a vehicle for sale out-of state or out-of country
  4. Determining the current selling price point for your vehicle
  5. Pre-accident appraisal to determine a vehicle's value before accident damage occurred
  6. Charitable donations, which include completion of IRS Form 8283